Wendy Murray

Wendy Murray is a Sydney-based artist and arts educator. Her artworks are informed by her knowledge of street art and graffiti and her interest in psycho-geography and the concept of the derive, or unplanned journey.

During her many visits to the Los Angeles area, Wendy noticed and became fascinated with our own commercial poster heritage, as exemplified by the work of the Colby Poster company. Until just a few years ago, their posters were everywhere in LA, on every phone pole in every neighborhood. The Colby visual vocabulary was matter of fact, direct, and usually in all caps.
She decided to explore this distinctly LA poster style, and brought it to bear in her artwork.
Wendy’s visit to PCC included a limited print run of her art piece of a phone pole showing the marks of a lifetime of posters. She gave a presentation to Graphic Communications students and visitors from the public: showing her career history, explaining her motivations and techniques, and challenging PCC students to find their voice and grow as artists.


Wendy Murray

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