Student Success

Our students are all ages, from all kinds of different backgrounds. They are interested in fine art, fashion, crafts, graffiti, ceramics, posters, jewelry making, computer graphics, printing, drawing, photography, and many other things. They speak many different languages, but all have a love for visual forms of comminication – color, type fonts, line art, photos, cartoons, and other imagery. This becomes the common language and culture of the classroom: we work together and appreciate our similarities and our differences through visual imagery, the printed image, and the process of production. While potential students hear about our program through advertising flyers, postcards, presentations and other materials our best advertisements are the students who have taken classes and, delighted about what they have learned to do, share this with their friends.


The Graphic Comm. Dept- has helped me take my work further than I have ever thought. The instructors have only ever been great in every way possible. Besides their knowledge and expertise, they have been incredibly encouraging and inspirational, which I believe brings out the best in every student. Since finishing my screen-printing certificate, I have launched my handbag label Tripetta Cartel (one of a kind bags hand-made by myself, Guiliana M.). I'm very underground. I sell my bags at various trunk shows and through my website at: -- Guiliana M.


My name is Linda T., & Screen Printing at Pasadena City College saved my life. I was born and raised in Pasadena, California - graduated from John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School & went to Grinnell College in Iowa via the Posse Scholarship. Life has a special way of teaching you it's lessons, & when I left Grinnell College, I found myself back in Pasadena, depressed & unmotivated. If it hadn't been for the Graphic Communications outdoor showcase, my life would be so different. I am currently Director for the successful Art Collective ‘Da Bidnez’, I am traveling the nation with a Fashion & Art production company, and am an aspiring art journalist whose goal is to make others realize that they too can be lifted from the lowest depths of depression through creating art. The courses I have taken at PCC through the GrCom program has connected me to wonderful & talented individuals, uplifted my spirits & changed my world & life. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. -- Linda T.


When i first started the Graphic Communications classes at PCC, it was out of curiosity but it soon became much more. After my first class, I was hooked and my goal was to learn as much as i possibly could. Everyone involved in the program became like a second family to me, encouraged, and taught me so much. At a point in my life where things got rough, I used the skills that I had learned in the GRCOM classes to find a great job at titmouse, inc. and start over. I will always be thankful for the program. -- Denise C.


My name is Charles, and I am a current student at PCC as well as a lab tech for the GRCOM screenprinting program. I began my tenure at PCC in the Fall of 2008… concurrently enrolled at CSUF and PCC. My plan was to attain both an English degree while satiating an interest in screenprinting. As time passed, my interest in screenprinting and graphic design grew to the point where I eventually withdrew from CSUF in order to pursue an education in screenprinting and graphic design. Although screenprinting was what initially drew me to PCC, it served as the catalyst for my desire to become a graphic designer and production manager. This program has provided me with skills necessary to secure a means of financial gain, and it has also given me direction in my life. The GRCOM program is one of the most pragmatic things PCC has to offer. If it was not for this program, I would not have had obtained the necessary skills to work with John Van Hammersveld [on his upcoming book]—one of the most acclaimed graphic designers of the 20th century. That experience alone is worth its weight in gold! -- Charles P.


I have completed 2 of the certificate programs within the Graphic Communications program, the main screen-printing certificate, as well as the screen-printing for small business certificate. This program is not just vocational. Although I gained the skills in these classes needed to succeed in small business, the GrCom Program has given me even more in skills and preparation for the art school that I attend now. I got into Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, with more of the necessary design/print/output/color management skills than any of the average first term students. I found myself knowing more than quite a few 2nd and even 3rd term Graphic Design and Photographic students as well. In the screen printing area, students are taught everything from the basics of screen-printing on flat stock, to refined applications of printing imagery on plexiglass, metal, wood, textiles, and a wide array of miscellaneous substrates. The Graphic Communication program has given me skills way beyond my expectations of the program. -- Murphy A.


Carlos is Production Coordinator - Product development at Harmon Kandon Audio I enrolled in the PCC GrCom right out of High School, planning to take all of the courses required for the Printing Management, Pre-press, and Press operation certificates. I worked for several prestigious companies for several years applying all that I had learned at PCC; after 10 years or so, I decided to go back to school and brush up on my skills, as more and more the Industry kept changing. I returned to PCC because it was were I learned everything I knew and because they have one of the best if not the best Graphic Arts programs in town. Took some courses in electronic pre-press and design and went back out to battle the real world. I have since returned to PCC as the ever-changing design industry keeps moving and my new position demanded me to be up to date. I will always return to where it all began as they have the best faculty and up to date instruction curriculum to give the student the experience they need to for the real world. -- Carlos T.


Mia Johnstone is a local photographer who took some graphic production classes at PCC to enable her to follow through on an idea she had: produce a directory comprising a guide to private schools in Los Angeles. She learned what she needed to, and the result is the LA Private School Guide magazine, the only magazine that profiles private high schools in LA. She made students aware of how the emphasis on quality layout and design helped her make this idea a reality. It has become an important publication in the community and a central source of information for parents. She now produces thousands of these directories annually. -- Mia J.