Melmarc offers a retail-ready screen printing package that includes quality garments, embellishments, and packaging. 

Melmarc is a full package screen printing company located in Santa Ana, California. Founded in 1975, the company has now grown into a full-service manufacturer capable of producing in excess of 500,000 embellished garments per week. Putting the customer first is what drives our business because it’s always been pivotal to our founder Brian Hirth.

Brian learned to put the customer first as a young man working in his family’s construction business. That lesson followed him when he moved into hotel and restaurant management. Coupled with his keen business sense, he rose quickly through the ranks pursuing his career as a food and beverage director with major hotel chains, until he found himself managing a successful restaurant. During that time he became friendly with the owners of a local screen printing company. They persuaded him to join them. They taught him the business from the ground up and encouraged him to strike out on his own. Brian launched his own company along with his wife Lori, naming it Melmarc, after his two children Melanie and Marcus.

Melmarc adapted to suit its customers changing needs. Expanding their business to accommodate the consolidation of services demanded by the rapidly growing graphic t-shirt market, Melmarc was among the first companies to offer in-house private labeling, onsite warehousing and inventory control, 3PL and EDI capabilities and real time production management. Keeping abreast of the trends and the developments in the industry, Melmarc was the leader in using 100% Phthalate-free Plastisol Ink.

Clients, like Stussy and Billabong, learned that they could be hands off because Melmarc was so hands on. This confidence freed them to grow their brands while Melmarc focused on the many details that separate a good t-shirt from a great one and they continue to be clients today.

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